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On the grapevine

  • Extra spicy please. Can of Fanta.
  • Would like it very spicy. Thanks!
  • We are vegan. No butter, milk, yogurt etc. Thank you
  • Please no meat, milk, yogurt we are vegan
  • Please only coconut cream. No animal produce. Thank you
  • Irn Bru as my soft drink, please.
  • I just meed to ensure this is GLUTEN free as I am a celiac.
  • diet coke please
  • Extra spicy please! Sprite for drink :)
  • diet coke soft drink please
  • 1 x coke, 1 x fanta please
  • With basmati rice and one chapathi please
  • No dairy (butter is okay though)
  • Can you make this spicy
  • quite spicy please
  • extra spicy please
  • Very Spicy please
  • irn bru please
  • Medium spicy please
  • Coke or Pepsi please
  • Can you make this hot
  • no mushrooms please
  • Diet irn bru please
  • No Chilli please, ordering for kid
  • Mango Lassi please
  • plz make chicken curry spicy
  • Can of irn bru please
  • If you have mango, please may I have a mango lassi.
  • diet drink please
  • mango please